Kingsman: The Secret Service – Review

Another spy movie which chivalry is style. A story how a veteran spy agent recruited a young boy to become a top notch spy agent.  A Matthew Vaughn’s movie should good right? Well is it?

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The suits in this movie are awesome


So basically the fate of the human kind rest on the shoulder of young delinquent boy who later becomes a spy agent. It all begun with a young agent saving the life Galahad a.k.a Harry Hart(Colin Firth). The young agent was the father of Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin. Galahad feeling grateful to the young agent, he decides to take Eggsy as his apprentice.
Eggsy’s journey to become an agent wasn’t that easy as the other apprentice of the other agent were also competing to be the next Lancelot. Mean while Valentine (Samuel L.Jackson) continues his plan exterminate ‘some’ human being. His plan however was discover by the Kingsman and Galahad was right behind his tale. Just when Galahad got to close, we was betrayed and Eggsy decides to up the suit to safe humanity.


Aren’t you too young to drink?

Well it’s not a James Bond movie if that’s what you it is. It’s more of a college version of James Bond. The background of Eggsy is very fragile and easily dissolved. He is suppose to be this high IQ, very agile and has a basic military training. But however it seems he is lack in all. He can’t tell the different between a bulldog and pug, he can’t seemed to and lack of discipline.
Colin Firth’s British accent really creeps on you and reminds us alot of The King’s Speech. Samuel L.Jackson was the absolute disappointment truth to be told. His character was very direct which was such waste his talent. His character was lack of the villain filling.
No doubt about it, they had done their research on the spy movie but however it lack a good storyline.
They had good actors but however the plot was a little let down.

Only missing is the Micheal Buble soundtrack on the background

Rating 6.0/10
Coming from Mattew Vaughn, it’s a little disappointing. The movie structure was well planned but the execution didn’t follow thru.
Despite the good actors and director, its still far off from a Bond movie. It’s like you have a Ferrari car but Alex Young is driving it.

Release date: 19th February 2015

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