KUNG FU PANDA 3 – Review

The third installment of the Panda who Kung Fu, Kung Fu 3. Well the story will take Po back to his home village and find his true panda self.


The Gist of It:

The Dragon Warrior is on top of his game. Having awesome endorsement, action figures and most importantly good friends. However one fine day, a much older Panda came to his village looking for his long lost son. Obviously Po is his son and the two is reunited. Excited and happy he shares with Panda father what he has achieve, the Jade Palace and most importantly; his Kung Fu.


However his father wasn’t feeling that proud looking at his son facing danger daily as a profession. He is worried. At the as time this problem was brewing; another trouble from the past emerges and his name is …….Kai. We know it’s not that bad **s but the character which is voiced by J.K. Simmons is totally a bad news. Kai wants to conquer the world as usual with any other villain.
The storyline looks solid but Po’s character was a little shallow unlike the first and second installment where you could feel the disappointment and sadness. The third installment just feels like another TV series. The time around they centralizes the important of unity and family which is good with the kids.
The movie do have new character such as Master Chicken and Master Bear which was refreshing. The jokes are still there but Jack Black need to come out this closest funny movie. It is no longer working for him like Adam Sandler.


Unlike the previous movie, Tigress has lesser dialogues but the circle of the movie is still the same. When ever Po is in trouble, Tigress would be one that Po will listen etc. Mantis, Monkey, Viper and Crane are still side character even Crane, Mantis and Monkey did got a proper screen time which is nice.

All in all, it’s a good family movie. The jokes were on par and character were interesting. Recommended as family movie.

Favourite Line: “Tigress is actually flameable”

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