Lights Out – Review

Produced by James Wan, we had a little excitement on how the movie gonna be. But we are constanlt reminded that the movie is directed by David F. Sandberg. A nobody and also the director of the original short film, Lights Out. Not much credential under his belt but still he managed to get James Wan to produce it for him. Well let see.

The Gist of It:
Rebecca has been successful in life and all she wanted to do now take her brother from her mentally-ill mother. Well the idea was to take brother away so that she could take care of him. Lifting up the burden. However she notices something similar is happening to her brother when she was young. The similar events that really was the reason of why she moved out of the house.LIGHTS OUT
Upon more inspection, she found out that an entity has befriending the mother and slowly taking over her brother.

The Review
Well it has the standard horror profile such as shocking entry, dark backgrounds, creepy music and characters with connection of the entity. Now what makes the movie different than your regular The Conjuring(since that is the new bench mark for horror movie), is that it has a trigger point and this movie it’s the dark. Once the light is turn off the entity is able to be seen which is different than your typical horror movie. Honestly we saw the trailer and the trailer it self has that affect that remind us the importance of our parents.

The scary level is as The Conjuring. We had hotdogs flying and we even saw Annabelle sitting beside us. Lights Out formula of mixing love and curiosity really pop out the scare element. LIGHTS OUT


The mystery that surround the character was clear and thats why the scare worked. We were so into Rebecca played into Teresa Palmer who looks are so innocent and clueless which made her perfect for the role.
The movie has the perfect package of horror that right after you come of the theater, you will be afraid once the lights goes off. A must watch movie.
For your own safety, we recommend you watch with someone and please have a bottle of holy water on standby.


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