Maleficent – Review

Angelina Jolie is back with her stunning new movie, Maleficent. Maleficent is a good fairy gone back due to the betrayal of her lover. The movie basically rewrites the original character from Sleeping Beauty. Even with 11 writers for this movie, the movie doesn’t run far from the original.

The story begins with explanation of land far away which is divided into two; one domain belongs to the world of men, and The Moors where the magical being lives.According to legend,either a hero or a villain will one day unite the land. rs_1024x759-140312101228-1024.Angelina-Jolie-Disney-Maleficnt-Vivienne.jl.031214 One day, the magical land was intrude by a young orphan boy by the name of Stefan and later befriended Maleficent. As the time flew by, friendship transformed into love and at the age of 16 Maleficent receive her first true kiss from Stefan. As both grew older, Stefan’s heart grew a little greedier and one night he decided to betray Maleficent by removing what is most valuable to Maleficent and what he need to take the throne; her wings. With the wing, Stefan became the King and married the Queen while Maleficent suffered alone. However the sped up to the time when the Queen gave birth to a baby girl and everyone were invited to give their gifts to the baby. That is when Maleficent decided to make a grand entrance and stole the show. Maleficent gave gift which was also a curse. rs_1024x759-140312101232-1024.Angelina-Jolie-Maleficent-Sleeping-Beauty-3.jl.031214 The King immediately took action by destroying all spinning wheel and also decided to keep some of it underneath the castle(Still wandering why would anyone keep something could kill their own kid). At the same time(not trusting his wife nor anyone else with his daughter), he decide to give his daughter to 3 fairies to take care off. The 3 fairies took the baby girl to a house no so far from the castle and from the very beginning they were there, Maleficent was shadowing their every move. Clearly the 3 fairies is totally useless in taking of the baby(The 3 Stooges is way smarter than them). Maleficent some how end up protecting the baby girl in certain occasion and the age of 15, the girl finally met Maleficent. Aurora – the princess, is nothing like her father. She loves everything and smiles for almost anything. When she met Maleficent, instead of being afraid she was excited. Aurora grew close to Maleficent and likewise Maleficent aswell. Aurora would come to the magical land and play with Maleficent and other creatures(which again, fairies are bad baby sisters). One day before Aurora’s 16th birthday, the stooges fairies told Aurora of Maleficent curse and what is Maleficent. Aurora sadden by the news, decided to return the castle where her father, the King welcomes Aurora by keeping her in her room. As Maleficent’s curse takes place – Maleficent rushes to Aurora with the prince who she thought could unfold her own curse. The curse could only be broken with only a true loves kiss could awaken Aurora. At this part, the movie to a turn from the original part of the classic tale and in the end Maleficent lives. Plot: 7/10 Review:6.5/10 Imax: No

Remarks: A classic tale with beautiful twist. We have to warn you that movie is a little messy as the storyline tends to slow down and later on speed up so bear with it. Even so, the movie is beautifully written movie.

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