The Maze Runner – Review

Is it another copy cat to The Hunger games? The answer is; NO. James Dashner’s The Maze runner is about post apocalyptic teenagers being experimented in controlled environment. What ever they do is pre-plan bunch of people behind the thick wall.


Life in the Glades was peaceful and it was like any other day until the freight elevator the sends in food and supplies sends up Thomas. Every month the freight elevator also sends a boy up to the disclose environment. All these boy’s have one thing in common, they don’t know have any memory of their previous lives. They only have their name.
They only could survive by depending with each other and whatever supplies they are provided with. In between themselves, they have segregated assigned groups such as the farmers, the butchers and the runners.

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Thomas was different from the other boys that came up, he was CURIOUS. He don’t easily accepts the stories and most importantly, his faith. He was extremely curious of The Maze that keeps the boy in and why is he not allowed to go inside the maze. He questions the entire system.
His curiosity pushed him further about the maze and when the opportunity to enter the maze arrives, Thomas ran into it.
Inside the maze, Thomas together with MinHo tries to survives as the Griever. Now the Griever’s is a creature that lives in the maze and no one have seen one and Thomas broke that tradition by killing one of Griever. He came back as a hero but some didn’t agree his method of not following the orders of the Glades. The head of this anti – Thomas group was Gally.
In the heat of debating what should Thomas’s bravery or stupidity should be rewarded, the freight elevator sends up another teenager up. This time it’s a girl. Now the elevator freight only comes up only once every month, within few days of Thomas arrival and stunts they send’s Teresa.
Teresa came up with some antidotes and note saying, ” She is the last one”. Gally ofcourse was totally blaming Thomas and it gets worst with Teresa keep on uttering Thomas’s name when was unconscious. Thomas was promoted to as the runners and start his run in the maze investigating the Griever crushed body. They found out that the Griever was controlled and had weird machines on it.

Plot: 8/10
Imax: No

Remarks: The is one movie that continue to have mystery even after the movie finishes. Unlike The Hunger Games where you could predict some of the outcome, The Maze Runners is totally different. The concept maybe the same, using a futuristic post apocalyptic but the screenplay is totally different.
It’s a must watch movie.

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