Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

The second installment of Maze Runner is here and it’s continues the saga of what is the purpose of the maze. The second part of Maze Runner will clarify to Thomas and others purposes in the Glades.

Synopsis (Warning: May contain spoilers, duh!) 

The Gist of It: In short there would be alot running and it’s continues from where they left us. The Scorch Trials explains more on the condition that they are in and Thomas view on the mess that they are in.


The part of The Maze Runner left us with a bunch of people saving Thomas and others and we saw also how the so call “WICKED” kinda orchestrated the entire maze. Thomas being himself; a self-conscious  and super nosy brat, still has his doubt on the entire saving part done by Janson(Aidan Gillen) and his mens.

Thomas quickly learnt that Janson and his men didn’t really save them and but rather was just securing their investment for the next stage. WICKED and Janson are harvesting the uninfected – in which Thomas and others are for a particular body part. Thomas ofcourse didn’t like the idea and burst out of Janson’s holding.



Thomas and others soon understood what was The Scorch that Janson meant and they continue their escapes towards the mountains in hoping of meeting legendary Right Arms. Their journey would require them to cross the unpredictable dessert.


Just when they thought they escaped the dessert, they encounter Jorge. Jorge an independent business man who loves to work with WICKED. However Jorge’s intention to do business with WICKED comes to an end when he found out that Thomas and others are trying to locate the Right Arms. Confident with Thomas’s leverage, Jorge and Brenda helps Thomas escape WICKED.

After a while of running and searching, Thomas and others finally meets the Right Arms. But it wasn’t that pleasant at first. Just when Thomas thought all problems from WICKED will fade away, guess who comes banging at their lawn; none other then WICKED – thanks to a certain girl.

CR- Review

Continuing where the first part left, the transition was flawless. Director Wess Ball really didn’t change the concept from the first part of it which really the real winner. The continues focus on Thomas as the main guy was a little too much but it all connects. Really wanted to see Minho as single individual that wasn’t overshadowed by Thomas.
Teresa character actually reminded us of Kristen Stewart actually. So quite but when she opens her mouth or do something it only ends up bad.

The suspense that of the movie is constant and just when you think it’s over, guess what? It’s not. Usually the second movie of a novel based is due to flop but however The Scorch Trial manages to pull out that category and be better.
Rating: 7.5/10
Favourite Line: “You’re not… her. You could never be her.”

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