The Monuments Men – Review

Good to know that this movie doesn’t remind me of Harry Potter. The movie assembles some of Hollywood legends such as George Clooney, Bill Murray, Bob Balaban and John Goodman. It might sound and look like Ocean’s Eleven but unfortunately it doesn’t come close.

The movie start during the World War 2 start, Frank Stokes convinces the at time president-Franklin D. Roosevelt – to  allow his team to save timeless relic. Due to the war, many relic and buildings has been destroyed. Also at the same time, Hitler was trying to steal the relics for his own museum

The small platoon consist of seven guys – Frank Stokes(George Clooney), James Granger(Matt Damon), Richard Campbell(Bill Murray), Walter Garfield(John Goodman), Jean Claude Clermont(Jean Dujardin), Donald Jeffries(Hugh Bonneville), and Preston Savitz(Bob Balaban).


After some basic training the men landed themselves in the middle of war to start saving these relics. James Granger landed himself in France and met the French lady, Claire Simone. Claire was the curator in one of the museum and was force to secure art works for Hitler.


The storyline is good but however it losses it’s direction along the way. The movie jumps alot from one character to another character without any link of the previous character or scene . Due to this, it’s hard to understand what’s going on. A very poor movie by George Clooney indeed.

However if you love arts, well this movie is for you. Works by Michaelangelo, Rembrant, Picasso and Da Vincci are shown and how Hitler stole those artworks.


Plot: 6.5/10
Review: 4/10

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