Mr. Holmes – Review


The Gist of It:
One of the 2015 intelligent and beautifully directed, Mr. Holmes has certainly intrigued us in terms of our previous preconception of Sherlock Holmes.

Mr. Holmes played by Ian McKellen(Yes Magneto), is nothing like what was portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. previously. Before watching this movie, please remove the idea of Sherlock would be happy and dandy, childish or  flamboyant attitude.

Mr. Holmes tells a story of him being slowly consumed by aged and that his mind and body are not as sharp as it used to be and deteriorating but however that is not really is main problem. His main problem was the last case that still haunts him and his problem becomes harder as he can’t remember what really happen!!

He makes every effort to regain that memory and write it down to explain to the world what really happened. He traveled to Japan in hopes to find a way to regain his memory but only to find another unsolved case. The director/writer Bill Condon who is famous for his work in Gods and Monster, Dream Girls and The Fifth Estate really portrayed Sherlock as a technical and almost meticulous person. From his clothing and speeches, Bill Condon didn’t leave a detailed to be left to bring us that perceptive.


Ofcourse the famous Holmes is not far away stalked by his fans and this case is a young boy by the name of Roger. Roger is the son of the house keeper and unlike his mother, he is gifted with the power of good mind in which Sherlock appreciates. Sherlock guides Roger in developing his mind and attitude but however this is not fully approved by Roger’s mother as she fears that Roger would go away from her.


Kinda sad when we were watching the movie someone actually slept. Like we mention the movie has one the best dialogues and Ian McKellen just delivers them beautifully. Despite not being a hit movie and highly publicize, it’s a must watch movie for those Sherlock fans. TGV did the right thing bringing the movie into Malaysia and we hope more good movies gets into our local theater.

Favourite Line: “There seems to be an outbreak of mortality”


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