Oscar 2017 Blunder: Uh Oh Land

Remember Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe 2017 mix-up? Well, there’s a new one and given the gravitas of the award, I’d say this was a waaaaaaay bigger blunder than the Miss Universe one.

Some of you may have already watched it but for those that has yet to, here’s what happened.

Oscar legends, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, opened the final envelope of the night to find something rather suspicious: They were given a card with Emma Stone’s name on it. Confused, unsure of what to do and given that “La La Land” starring Emma Stone was highly expected to win, Beatty proceeded to announce “La La Land” assuming that was what the card intended. Naturally, the La La Land team took the stage to express their gratitude for the honor.


Midway through the usual thank-yous by the “La La Land” team, “La La Land” producer Fred Berger got word from one of the Oscar ceremony’s techs that Beatty and Dunaway had read off the wrong title. In fact, the real winner of the Best Picture: Moonlight.

Beatty reclaimed the mic to explain his perspective on the misstep, and Kimmel tried to smooth out the mayhem with a few jokes about giving both movies the Oscar. But in truth, the La La Land team, led by Berger, were incredibly gracious about the transference of the Oscar to its rightful owner.

Here are some of the reactions:

And finally, the king of movie twists, Mr. M. Night Shyamalan himself:

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