Osiris Child – Review

Despite blurry shot and, different angle cam Osiris Child got it owns charm in order to keeps me awake. From the guy who brought you Infini, here’s come Science Fiction Volume One : The Osiris Child Shane Abbess latest installment it’s the story where humans have started to colonise the universe and out on the fringe there is a planet with a new colony, a flotilla floating above and a prison below with a deep secret ready to bust loose.

In here we meet Lt. Kane Sommerville (Daniel MacPherson) an officer for Exor the military contractor who is in charge of supporting new settlements. Sommerville has a conflicted past that drives him to be as far away from Earth as he can get, which is complicated because he has a daughter Indi (Teagan Croft) who has travelled across the Galaxy to see him.

Although this an indie sci-fi installment what I really adore with this movie is how Shane manage to pull off a high level production that you don’t really see in such budget film , the set feels authentic the details are surreal The action is real, from the punch you can almost feel that the weight, the swing and the brawl between character, Shane also manage to make aerial combat between Kane and the Dogfighter looks intensed. In the end, it’s clear from the movie, I mean look at the title, that this is meant to be the first of a series of films and given this first outing I’m really interested to see where they go next with this, I just hope people give it a chance.


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