Out of the Furnace


Out of furnace


Christian Bale has outdone himself in his latest movie; Out of the Furnace.
The English actor, gave a stunning show with different perspective upholding justice for his brothers death (Casey Affleck).

The movie is set around Pennsylvania is about an ex-con seeking justice for his missing/murdered brother. The brother Rodney Baze JR. played by Casey Affleck, an ex Army officer stationed at Iraq who seen one to many death. Indulged with his gambling habit Rodney ends up in illegal boxing matches while the elder brother, Russell Baze is locked up in jail due to a car accident.

Upon returning from the hoosegow, Russell finds out that his girlfriend, Lena (Zoë Saldana) has left him for another guy who happens to be Chief police officer(Whittaker) of his town.

Rodney later comes face to face with the psycho drug lord named DeGroat( Woody Harrelson), where everything when from bad to worst for Rodney. Russel later receive the news from the Chief Police Officer and at the same time disappointed by the Chief due to the border jurisdiction issue. Russell tried to get his hand on DeGroat by going to DeGroat’s place but had to cancel it as the local police was aware of Russell’s attention.

DeGroat continued his twisted  blood thirst by going back Russell’s town and Russell finally got his revenge.

Casey Affects acting undoubtedly superb as he manage to conquer the character’s disturbed post trauma after the war.
Woody Harrelsons’s smiles would make you fear him – not like his typical Hunger games character.


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