The cuddly penguins are back and this time is about how the team’s special sacred trust for each other keeps the team together. Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private will have to battle an old nemesis, Dave who they don’t really know about or notice. Dave is driven by the passion of revenge due to the fact he was move out from one place to another because penguins.


An extreme happy go lucky movie, Penguins of Madagascar features the ever ready Skipper(Tom McGrath), Kowalski(Chris Miller), Rico(Conrad Vernon) and Private(Christopher Knights) and this time they will fight off an extremely pissed squit. Their fight against the evil Dave were supported by The North Wind; an undercover crime fighting organization which is led by Classified(Benedict Cumberbatch), Short Fuse(Ken Jeong), Eva(Annet Mahendru), and Corporal(Peter Stormare).
As the penguins comes under the North Wind protection – according to Classified, Skipper decide that they can do it way better and start going after Dave themself. However their on the go attitude were not really accepted by The North Wind.


However everything changes once Private was taken hostage. Skipper who decided to be practical in saving Private’s life decided to let The North Wind crew to take over the operation to save Private.

It’s an extremely fun movie for the kids and adults with jokes hitting at the right time. We totally enjoyed ourselves to watch a full Penguin movie instead of the other animals.
However the end of the movie was a little let down – the final battle between Dave and the Penguins. It somehow felt like a crossover from Minion 2. All and all, the Penguins was awesome as how they were in the previous Madagascar movie. 

Plot: 7/10
Imax/3D: Not much of 3D going on, so we would recommend you watch it on 2D.

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