Ready Player One – Review

When we first heard Ready Player One was coming out, we were kinda not so optimistic. Well Ernest Cline’s novel wasn’t a Mariah Carey’s 25-carat diamond engagement ring that you would just jump down on one knee and say I do. The novel just lack of imagination and Steven Spielberg had tonnes of it.
Starting of in a not so distant future, Wade Watts who is also known as Parzival in Oasis – a interactive world where everyone meets and interact, has won the first key to Halliday’s Easter Egg. The winner of this of this game shall inherit all of Halliday’s fortune. Halliday is to creator and owner of Oasis and he is a trillionaire. To win the Halliday’s Easter Egg, one has to win all 3 key and pass the last challenge.

The minute Wade Watts or Parzival won the key, everything changed. He was under the microscope. IOI, a company that also wants to win the contest started looking for him. That is when trouble started looking for him and his friends.

What made Ready Player One interesting was the live like graphics and classic game characters. It backs old memories when you see the DeLorean from Back to the Future or Shotaro Kaneda’s bike. Spielberg’s team was able to take us into the gaming world like would you play it inside the game itself. The result was unbelievable. While the dialogues and acting wasn’t a top of the line, but the direction was awesome.

A must watch movie for those who love the oldies game and nerdiest in short.



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