Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Review

The much anticipated Star Wars movie is finally here. While it doesn’t continue from The Force Awakens nor the previous Star Wars movie, Rogue One is the first of it’s kind. While the existence of this movie is questionable does this movie

The Gist of It:

Jym Erso the daughter of a research scientist Galen Erso and the only link to him after the death of his wife. This fact is well known by The Rebel and they plan to use her to get to the father and ultimately kill him to stop from finishing the Empire’s weapon.

After finally been found by The Rebel, she decided to find her father. In her quest she met her old caretaker, Saw Garrera and found out the last location of her father. However by the time she met her father, she too late but the father has left her a message. A message that will change the course of the war.

The Review

What seems to be draggy movie quickly change it’s pace in the second half of the movie. The first 45 minutes, we definitely owed to the strong brewed coffee. While there no interesting battles(Come on it’s a Star Wars movie, where is the light saber battles!) the finale really did set the mood.
We did question certain part of the of movie such the hologram part. I mean why didn’t you just take it and save it? Could have save your life if you ask us. It felt very Disney. Don’t believe us, Saw Garrera has a pet that resembles an octopus and listens to his command. Doesn’t that remind you of Davvy Jones and his pet Kraken?
Not to mention the jokes and puns.
But putting the movie out there together with other Star Wars movie, Rogue One is unique but not Star Wars. It’s like Skyfall. It’s a league of it’s own.
Lets talk about the production, the CGI is overwhelming and director Gareth Edwards is a little out of his element. Honestly the only reason the movie was good was because of the CGI and storyline. Not the direction.

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