Sandman to be big?

It’s early days, says the star, but “Sandman” has the potential to be “really unlike your average big, grand-scale, spectacular movie. – Gordon-Levvit.

Not sure how Gordon-Levitt finds “Sandman”  alluring and how would he be working with David Goyer and Warner Bros. on the movie. He open up’s the basic origin of the series which is the seven personifications of concepts such as “dream,” “desire” and “despair as individual that live in the universe and communicate with us without us being aware.

“I love big, spectacular movies, but oftentimes big, spectacular movies sort of get stuck in a rut,” he continued. “They go down certain paths that end in big explosions or whatever. Sandman has so much opportunity to do something that’s on a grand, grand scale, but really unlike your average big, grand-scale, spectacular movie,”he told IGN



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