Saving Mr Banks – Review

Tom Hanks is back together with Emma Thompson with a warm hearted movie with is guarantee to get some tears coming out. The story is about the author P.L. Travers straggling with her own in the adoption of Mary Poppins before the big screen.

Mary Poppins is about a magic nanny comes to work for a cold banker’s unhappy family. Ms Travers childhood is some what similar to Mary Poppins story but in a different perspective. Walt Disney jumps into the picture and break the hard, rude Ms Travers and made her realise that she had to let go of the past and look forward to the future.

Check out the trailer here –> Saving Mr. Banks

P.L Travers character played by Emma Thompson and she was magnification. FYI, this is not Emma’s first time in a Mary Poppins movie adaptation. Previously she played Nanny McPhee, a Nanny with magical powers without the penguins.


Ms. Travers lashes her fangs even in the beginning of the movie. Even the Sherman brother were put to shame, but Disney really knows to melt any grumpy ladies with his charm and Disney Land.

Plot: 8/10
Review: 8/10

It’s available in GSC and TGV and available since 20th February 2014.


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