Shazam! Review

First, a lot of really genuinely good comedy. You aren’t going to laugh at dirty jokes, you aren’t going to laugh at corny jokes, you’re going to laugh at genuinely well written and performed comedy. In fact, probably soon to be one of the most iconic comedic moments in superhero movies to date with Shazam and his foe.

The writing was uneven, but definitely fun. It’s a basic story that converts Billy Batson’s origin into a modern-day retelling with some elements of Big in there. The humor is well-timed and consistently funny; a lot of meta jokes and inner humor help the story obtain its brighter feel. The relationships written in are heartfelt and the story itself has a lot of heart.

My only negative with this film is the same that I have with most comic book films, the villain. However in this case it isn’t bad at all, it actually begins in a very intriguing way but there is a big gap in the characters story that bothered me a little. Mark Strong does a good job playing the character of Dr. Sivana, and in fact the character isn’t bad, but it’s not one you’re gonna remember.

Shazam! Is a brilliant film that is a throwback to the old superhero days and a surprisingly self aware with some scenes coming off as a slight parody to me. It’s brilliantly acted, hilarious, has a very heartwarming story, and is without a doubt one of the best films in the DCEU.

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