Sinister 6 in The Amazing Spider Man 3

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 just got release last Thursday and the Facebook and Twitter is buzzing on it’s awesomeness. Even we are excited over how the movie is played and most definitely how beautiful Gwen is.
Moving on, we might have some idea on what is coming on the next Spider Man. This is based on what director has revealed in the movie and we bet some of you would have notice.

1. The Black Cat
First is Felicia Hardy – the assistant of the late Norman Hardy. Marvel fans would know Felicia Hardy as the famous The Black Cat. Felicia Hardy is the daughter of a world-renowned cat burglar. After suffering a traumatic event as a college freshman, she trained herself in various fighting styles and acrobatics and, after deciding to follow in her father’s footsteps, adopted her costumed identity as the Black Cat. It might be similar to DC Comic’s Catwoman but The Black Cat is suppose to be more sexier and be more less than a cat.spiderman-comic-mary-janeimage---spider-man-black-cat-mary-jane-comic-book-coverjpg-je5wvswj

2. Spider slayer
You must have noticed Smythe, the a-hole boss to Max Dillon/Electro. Alistair Smythe is played by B.J. Novak and was really giving a hard time to Max which resulted to the accident which changed him in to Electro. The comic’s had the same character but different background story – His father was a scientist who was hired by the Kingpin in order to create a set of giant robot spiders called the Spider-Slayers to kill Spider-Man. When Spider-Man defeated the Spider-Slyers, Alistair’s father was trapped inside a building, and the building exploded. From that day forward, he decided to dedicate his life to kill Spider-Man, who he sees as responsible for his father’s death.
The new movie might be different than the comic – but we have seen the Spider-Slayers suit robot in the movie. Not all would have noticed maybe due to fact that you saw Dr Octopus’s tentacles. See the suit on your left.

3. Dr Octopus
Well we all saw the suit at the end of the movie which prompt more certainty on Dr Octo’s appearances. Before this the Daily Bugle’s tumblr has mentioned Otto’s name.


By Joy Mercado

Some people have visions of the future. Me?

I went and saw it with my own eyes.

Behind the ridiculously fortified superdoors of Oscorp Industries headquarters the future waits patiently for the rest of us to arrive. Only a privileged few reside there — guardians of the secrets that only time (and intrepid journalists!) will reveal.

Under pressure to quiet growing Wall Street rumors of plans gone awry, Oscorp spokesman Donald Menken gave me a glimpse into that future.

I was only given limited access to this room, and legally I can’t discuss what I saw in detail. I can barely describe what I saw now. Had I stepped just one foot deeper, it would have been too overwhelming for me to handle.

Prototypes from the United States Military? CHECK. Alternative energy experiments? CHECK. Stuff I don’t understand enough to even describe it correctly? SUPERCHECK.

It’s like what my childhood closet would have looked like if all toys were free and unlimited — but Oscorp’s toys can save the world…or obliterate it.

So, if the future is already in the warehouse, how do they keep advancing? When money is no object, it means the best facilities filled with the brightest minds in science.

The scientific rumor mill (there is such a thing — I checked) has floated every leading name as a possible contributor. But none is more intriguing than world-renowned nuclear researcher Otto Octavius.

When asked about that rumor, Mr. Menken replied, “I can’t confirm or deny any rumors you read on the web. We talk to a number of different scientists every day about our special projects.”


4. Rhino
Rhino had so little time the in movie that we believe he will returning in the next movie. Rhino aka Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich is in the original list of the Sinister 6, so he is sort of confirmed in it. But could there be an upgrade to his current suit?

5. Green Goblin
In the last part of the movie, we saw Harry talking to “The Gentleman” about Rhino joining his crew. So we assume Green Goblin would be the leader of the Sinister 6. With his obsession over Spider-man’s blood to cure him, he is more psycho than he regular is.
We still question what is Goblin’s motive now as now he has the injected the spider venom in him. Will he just go after Spider-Man for his blood? For revenge?
So what if he get’s hold of Peter’s blood? Is he gonna injected it to his blood stream and hopefully heal him? Or maybe, make a clone of Peter and make an army of wall crawler?

6. The Gentleman/Venom
We have no idea on who is “The Gentleman” – Gustav Piers but we assume that is someone who know’s Peter Parker is Spider-Man. We have an idea who it my be we can’t be sure at the moment. Currently the person who we think is “The Gentleman”, maybe was in the same plane that exploded in the beginning of ASM2.
The comic would highlight that Gustav is man spies on Spider-Man for some personal vendetta that is clearly known.

the gentlemanVenom character even thou is not clear on appearances in ASM3 but it was mention in the The Daily Bugle’s Tumbler. Also we have mentioned that producers, Avid Arad and Matt Tolmach did mentioned that Venom would have it’s spin off –>> Honestly we would love to see the new Venom in action before the spin off.

Currently all are speculation and we still have along way to go. For now we only tell you guys to enjoy the ASM2 and worry about ASM3 once you’re out of the theatre.
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