Snowpiercer – Review

A bunch of people stuck in a train for 17 years and what do you get? An AWESOME uprising. The Korean director, Bong Joon-ho has shown us that Korean are not only good in horse dance but heck directing aswell. The movie which features Chris Evans aka Captain America has none stop action.

The ┬ámovie is set in a far future where the earth is frozen due to mankind’s own doing(not suprise). A runaway experiment to stop global warming has caused an ice age that killed nearly all life on earth. The only survivors are the resident of the a moving ark, a perpetual-motion engine train that stop at nothing and travels around the planet.

The story starts with classifying the train occupant;

1. First Class

2. Economy Class

3. Freeloader


Ofcourse the first and economy class were treated well and had sushi twice a year but the freeloader are the worst. Instead of proper food they are serves with protein blocks with ingredient that only it’s best for you to watch. The uprising start with the unsettle leader Curtis Everett who wished a better life for the people of the last coach who he call his family. He started planning and with some help from Gilliam played by John Hurt he start getting help from the first class coach.┬áTheir mission is to control the engine of the train. They believe why controlling the engine, they control their life.

The story line is really good and nothing I have watched before. Bong really researched Jean-Marc Rochette’s graphic novel and executed in a Hollywood manner. This is Bong’s first Hollywood movie in which the movie is shot 80% in English and 20% in Korean.

Plot: 9/10
Review: 8/10

Sadly it’s only available in TGV. Check out the trailer –>Snowpiecer

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