Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Review

Alright, finally we are able to release our reviews after 3 weeks of the releases in Malaysia and the hype was a little above the top if you as us. Yes it’s a must watch movie for those Star Wars fans but did it really raise the bar of the franchise? Well read our revi


The Gist of It:

It is not a continuation from the previous movie but rather a fresh start. That’s why the title is The Force Awakens. However don’t be to sad it do have a connection with the previous movies just that without the main characters as the main characters.
Well Han Solo will be in but he is not the story about. The new installment is about Rey – a girl from Jakku and a girl who has a strong connection with the force.

The story begins with Poe Dameron, the best pilot of the Alliance was trying to escape from Kylo Ren. The kind heartened Stormtrooper – FN2187 a.k.a Finn help him out but however Poe was presume dead upon reaching planet Jakku. They crash landed and Finn believed he was the only survivor. Finn met with Rey together with BB8 and thus beginning their journey together.

Escaping together, the trio finally bump into Hans Solo and Chewie and the gang quickly decided what to do with BB8. BB8 carries half of the map to find Luke Skywalker. The importance of the map is the reason why Rey and Finn are being chased around the universe. At the same time, the First Order has a weapon that not to be taken likely. Bigger than Death Star – Starkiller based is huge compared to Death Star. The Starkiller has made its marked around the galaxy by taking down several planet in one go. So it is powerful and dangerous.

Along the way, Rey got abducted by Kylo and the Rebel makes an awesome entrance. Princess Organa saves Han Solo and the both reunites again. Ofcourse during the reunion was the one the biggest spoiler alert. We won’t spoil it for you.

The team reunites and in a mission to save Rey and save the galaxy. The rest is an adventure that must watch.

Well, Star Wars: The Force Awaken is a another storyline under the same timeline. So don’t be confused. The story continues from The Revenge of the Sith but with Rey a the main character. So The Force Awaken is a chapter one of the movie and in our opinion some what not complete, just yet.
The overall movie however is exciting and brings just brings out old memory. The minute we saw Han Solo and Chewie, oh yes – its back.
So do you have to watch it? Yes and yes. This year they are gonna release another Star Wars movie and it’s best you watch it so that you could understand the next movie.

Favourite Line: “Chewie, we’re home.”



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