Suicide Squad – Review

The movie about bad people doing some good things, Suicide Squad is here. A DC movie extensions, its about a group of meta human convicts or bad people who are forced to work together and save humanity. Does the idea works?

The Gist of It:

Amanda Waller a.k.a the White Queen has an idea of having all the meta-human villains working for her. She recruited Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Diablo, Boomerang, Killer Croc, Enchantress, and Slipnot. All for the purpose of fighting against Superman or Batman if they ever go rouge.
Enchantress is the most powerful meta-human in the list. Her power is magic. Meaning she defies the law of physics quite often. The problem is that, she is being toyed by Amanda thus creating a hatred for the which towards humanity. I mean, she used to be worshiped by human before being a slave for them.

So she planned her escape thus saving her brother. All done in minutes. But how is that she is able to that? Don’t Amanda has some contingency if she tries to escape? Well yes, however in order for the contingency to work – Rick Flag a.k.a boyfriend of Enchantress/ Moone has to make a call to Amanda. The contingency is stab the heart of Enchantress. ¬†Enchantress¬†threaten Rick and escape for awhile and quickly save her brother. Her message to her brother was, be stronger and save her and that’s what he did.

Now that the world in trouble and¬†Amanda decided to release her Suicide Squad. A bunch of people whom the government could this own if anything to happen. Ofcourse the squad don’t like the idea, but Amanda didn’t gave them much choice. Do or die.

The Review

A DC movie and ofcourse everyone is excited but did it fly thru? Well we have mix reaction.
The timeline of this movie is the same as Batman v Superman and Man of Steel. So the reason why Superman wasn’t there is because he was dead. So calm your horses.
In the beginning, the introduction of each character was some what similar to a Marvel movie but with a DC kick in it. It was raw but all had their mentioning. But their raw part really was noticeable till it raise certain doubts. The exposition was quickly covered with funny puns and jokes.

Now the first problem arises as Enchantress some how escaped. The part that eat us was the fact that she freed her brother and that the brothers jar was not even protect. It was just seating on a shelve waiting for trouble. As she escape, Amanda quickly scrambles the squad. To be honest, we feel that Killer Croc should be left in a jungle somewhere without any disturbance. He looked so pity.
Moving on, the squad was put to the test killing other monster and they excel. Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie was in her element. Sexy and crazy. Just like another blonde girl. Deathshot was very black. Not to be racist or anything – he wasn’t what we expected. He was more jovial instead of the original strict Deadshot. But that didn’t stop the character to pop up. We loved him.
12185075_916257545089459_3195298132722463249_oThe Joker however we have issue with. From his laugh to his character. It really crawl under our skin that Jared Leto wasn’t that Joker that DC was proud of. Jared Leto was trying rather than being the character. Jack Nicholson was even better than him and that without any props. Jared laughter so fake that everytime he laugh it sounded like a donkey crying. The fact this Joker was predictable was even a killer. He was straight like an arrow. So WTF DC?

In conclusion, Suicide Squad was rather a stepping stone for DC in order catch up with Marvel. From the looks of it, their strategy was to end it big with Justice League. Don’t get us wrong, it was a good movie. Entertaining but not to core. It was like Guardian of the Galaxy mixed together with Mad Max and with a sprinkle of Fantastic 4(The new one).


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