Sully – Review

Tom Hanks returns with another movie related to aviation. Sully is a story of a pilot who successfully landed an commercial flight on New York’s Hudson river. While some might hail him as a hero, some was criticizing him on his decision to land on the river.

The Gist of It:

Based on a true story Chesley Sullenberger, a pilot with US Airways did an outstanding landing at Hudson river due to engine failures. Directed by Client Eastwood, Chesley Sullenberger or Sully tells a story on how and what really happened on that ill faith day.
First hailed as hero, his credibility was quickly put into question by authorities who wants to change the aim of the gun barrel. They believe that the flight could have landed safely at the nearest airport rather on the Hudson river. Sully start doubt himself. The captain of 40 years experience keep on back tracking at the very moment when flight when down. He continues calculating every single possible thing that he could think off that might have gave a better result. With his family finance creeping in aswell, Sully is put in a stressful situation.
The Review

If you think this might be a movie similar Denzel Washington’s Flight; well you might be almost right. The situation is almost similar but however the character in this movie is nothing like Denzel’s. Sully is a responsible husband and pilot who follows everything by the book and sometimes skipping a few because he knows the book.
The angle that Eastwood aims is something different. Nearly coming to the end of movie we are showed what really on that flight but at the same time Eastwood showed us some vivid memory of that incident. Instead of your few second memory, it was a good long memory.

Eastwood did not only manage to bring the feeling of being in that flight to the audience, he also brought the heartfelt of the pilot himself. Till the very end, Sully played by Tom Hanks – was still uncertain. Only after they all heard the recording, only then he was relieve and believe he did his best. A tearing moment indeed.
Tom Hanks no doubt was the right person for the movie. With several aviation related movie under his belt, being a pilot who saves 155 passenger shouldn’t be a problem.



The movie was fully shot in IMAX thus giving a better realistic look.

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