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Who’s that girl beside Thor? – Avengers: Age of Ultron

This week we shared the awesome trailer from Avengers: Age of Ultron which to be honest is one of the coolest seen. We got to see The Hulkbusters going one on one with The Hulk. We also saw Ultron, Quicksilver and Witch pairing going against the Avengers. Not to mention the unbelievable part that Captain America’s shield got broken into half.
Our attention however were more focus on the girl who was with standing beside Thor. You might have missed it but we didn’t. Check out the trailer here.

Thor2Our mystery women sitting at the couch


Thor3Another angle of this long leg women


thorgirl A front view but blurry

 We first presume it was Jane Foster as of the previous Marvel movie but upon more inspection of this mystery women, we notice is was more Asian and not at all Natalie Portman. That ladies and gentlemen is Kim Soo-hyun aka Claudia Kim. Claudia has appeared on some of Korean drama series and did modelling.

thor gf

In the Avengers: Age of Ultron, this stunning model will play as a Korean scientist but we are unsure of her character relationship with Thor. The Korean scientist is also said to be a friend of Tony Stark. Could it be that Thor is cheating on Jane Foster with her?

We will keep you updated.

Avengers 2 – “Death, Death and Death”

That is what Joss Whedon said when he was asked what to expect from ‘Avengers 2’ – jokingly. Well his comment were taken serious given the recent speculations of rumors and promotional photos.

So far we have seen few promo poster’s showing Captain America’s cracked shield which might suggest the good captain would be the first to kick the bucket . The unfavorable fact is when we saw the crack shield in the poster below.


Of course the we should not over look the part where the Hulk and Iron Man’s battle which could possibly result to Bruce Banner’s death or the other way around.
We also must not forget Black Widow, who is basically is fragile around Hulk, Thor, Captain and everyone else.(Note Iron Man is always weak towards anything with a hole). So maybe, she is the one die when Ultron attacks.