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Batista the new The Kurgan In Highlander

“I’m in disguise!” – Imagine Batista saying that. How could he even be in disguise with that body. This role suits him well as The Kurgan is suppose to be destroying everything on his path. A little like his character in The Man with the Iron Fist or The Guardian of the Galaxy, wait all his character has been all about destroying something.
Highlander is about an immortal Scottish swordsman must confront the last of his immortal opponent, a murderously brutal barbarian who lusts for the fabled “Prize”. Men in skirts playing with swords.
The Kurgan requires a little more than just destroying stuff – he requires personality. Batista has the destroying part taken care off but the personality – he really has to show us something.

Guardian of the Galaxy – Trailer

Another trailer of Guardian of the Galaxy finally is out and this time is more than what previous trailer offered. This time we get to see how the 5 got together and what the movie is about a little. To be honest, the trailer doesn’t reveal alot but we know for a fact that orb “Star Lord” stole is the what they have to save to the galaxy. Based on the trailer, we highly doubt that this movie will come close to the other Marvel movie that have come out – it’s gamble now.