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Half of Oscar sound nominations go to Dolby Atmos films

Oscar season is upon us once again!

With the nominee likes of “Whiplash”, “The Theory of Everything”, “Birdman”, “Grand Budapest Hotel” and “The Imitation Game” all vying for Best Picture at this year’s upcoming 87th Oscars Academy Awards show, its sure to be a jam-packed evening teeming with anticipation and excitement.

Another electrifying category to watch this year is the sound editing and sound mixing category. This is the 37th consecutive year that films released with Dolby® audio technologies have earned Academy Award nominations for outstanding sound quality with three Dolby Atmos films, American Sniper (Alan Robert Murray and Bub Asman), The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Brent Burge and Jason Canovas), and Unbroken (Becky Sullivan and Andrew DeCristofaro), having been nominated in the sound editing category. Meanwhile, two of those titles, American Sniper (John Reitz, Gregg Rudloff, and Walt Martin) and Unbroken (Jon Taylor, Frank A. Montaño, and David Lee), have also been nominated in the sound mixing category.


The creators of American Sniper decided to keep the film’s music to a minimum and “score” the film with realistic sounds, according to film industry site Below the Line. That meant long recording sessions with the actual guns used by Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle and his comrades and even tracking down a plane with the same engine as the early Predator drones.

Director Peter Jackson and his team have used Dolby Atmos for each of the three Hobbit movies. Jackson says their knowledge of how to use the technology has evolved. “Each year now, we’ve managed to do different things as our knowledge of how to best use it expanded,” Jackson says.

Meanwhile, the Unbroken sound team credits Dolby Atmos with helping put the audience in the extreme situations that World War II hero Louis Zamperini experienced—hurtling airplanes, vast oceans, and oppressive jungles. “When you’re in the ocean, when you’re in the jungle and you hear the bugs, you just feel like you’re in that space,” said Andrew DeCristofaro, the supervising sound editor. “It feels more realistic.”


Other films that have also been nominated in the exhilarating sound editing category include, Birdman (Martín Hernández and Aaron Glascock) and Interstellar (Richard King)—and for sound mixing—Birdman (Jon Taylor, Frank A. Montaño, and Thomas Varga), Interstellar (Gary A. Rizzo, Gregg Landaker, and Mark Weingarten), and Whiplash (Craig Mann, Ben Wilkins, and Thomas Curley)- all of which used Dolby surround sound technology.

Alright, alright, alright.

Alright, alright, alright.

Dolby Atmos® sound technology was developed to help talented artists make truly incredible-sounding films by allowing filmmakers unprecedented precision in designing a movie soundtrack. They can place and move sounds anywhere in a theatre, including over the audience’s head, to make viewers feel like they’re inside the story. Dolby Atmos debuted in June 2012 in the Oscar winning animated film ‘Brave’. The technology is now available for home theaters and on mobile devices.


Take a look at the full list of Oscar nominees. The winners will be announced on February 22 at the Dolby Theatre® in Hollywood



Birdman – Review

Critically acclaimed & highly anticipated to be among the best, Birdman is a Technical Wonder by Day and a Psychological Eye-Opener by Night.

Birdman, The kind of bird that takes a metaphorical shit on your head.

The kind of bird that takes a metaphorical shit on your head.

A washed up actor (Michael Keaton), who once played an iconic superhero, battles his ego and attempts to recover his family, his career and himself in the days leading up to the opening of a Broadway play.
(I really can’t say much about the plot without revealing any spoilers. So this will have to do.)

Yeap, not creepy at all.

Yeap, not creepy at all.

Highly rated and it has every reason to be. The plot may simple enough as it’s basically about a one hit wonder who has had enough of being a former somebody and wishes to reclaim the fame he once had. We’re then introduced to the complexities of both his life and his mind which involves not only those around him but the one within him, Birdman. Besides the well written script and casting choices, the cinematography is a massive addition to the creative depth of Birdman. By manipulating and editing the camerawork, the movie is presented in the form of a long take (No splits between scenes, just one camera that follows everyone. You’d see what I mean.).

This is just one of the many alternate Birdman posters that I absolutely love. Check them all out if you've the time.

This is just one of the many alternate Birdman posters that I absolutely love. Check them all out if you’ve the time.

Rating 7/10
Dark Comedies & Artsy Dramas aren’t exactly enjoyed by your average mainstream viewer due to the slow pace & emotional depth of these genres. Birdman is an Artsy Dark Comedy, so yeah, probably won’t be enjoyed by most in Malaysia due to the rather subtle humour of Birdman and the restricted creative sensitivity of our society. On a personal note, it’s a 7 purely because I love artsy films and dark comedies but it’s a little too draggy at times and to be honest, I’d much rather prefer a light-hearted laugh out loud comedy at the moment. Timing is everything and January is far from the right time.

Have you ever been so deep in thought, you started floating? He has.

Have you ever been so deep in thought, you started floating?
He has.

– Dev

Birdman – Contest(ENDED)

We are giving away premiere passes to the multiple award nominee, Birdman. To win these premiere passes is just easy. Just tell us why would you want to watch the premiere of Birdman with us. Winners will be emailed. The premiere is on the 2oth January 2015 at GSC 1Utama.
Good luck!