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Now You See Me 2 with Daniel Radcliffe

It’s confirmed now that Daniel Radcliffe will be joining the cast of Now You See Me 2. After a month of the lip slip incident from Michael Caine, we were still guessing right about now. Also coming on board for the sequel are Lizzy Caplan and Jay Chou.

The original cast of the  illusionists Caine, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco shall but however there isn’t any news on Isla Fisher isn’t mentioned. But that’s kind funny she isn’t in right? So the Four Horsemen is now the Three Horsemen? We could only assume that she is still confirming the deal for the movie.

As for Daniel and Jay Chou we are still figuring out how are they gonna be slot into the movie. Maybe they would be the son to Caine’s Arthur Tressler?

Horns – Trailer

Horns is getting more interesting with this latest trailer. Could this movie break Daniel from his Potter role?