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Alien: Covenant Sneak Peek on FX’s Legion

We still have some time before Alien: Covenant comes blasting into theaters on May 19 and reminds us that it’s never a good idea to bring a sick person into a spaceship. (No really, don’t.)

A new sneak peek, above, has revealed a bit more. The preview, a prologue titled “Last Supper” and which came during Wednesday’s episode of the FX series Legion (A show you should watch if you’re an X-Men fan, it’s about Prof X’s son), showed a business-as-usual colonization ship headed for a remote planet where the crew will build a new human settlement. While characters played by James Franco — who we learn is the captain — and Billy Crudup are in awe of their view, Danny McBride has another take: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. It kinda spooks me out — a big old sea of nothing.”

Yeap, definitely looks like nothing to me.

Yeap, definitely looks like nothing to me.

So far, we understand that this installment of Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise takes place somewhere after the events of 2012’s Prometheus and before the Nostromo starts to return to Earth as we saw in 1979’s Alien. Director Ridley Scott promises this film — which also costars Demian Bichir, Jussie Smollett, and Carmen Ejogo — will provide some answers. “Covenant is really going to show you who did it and why.”

Angry Bird Voice Cast Revealed

The birds are getting their movie and expected to sling into our local theater on July 2016. The movie shall be distributed globally by Sony Pictures, is produced by Rovio – the game developer of Angry Birds.

The lead of the movie is Red, which is voiced by Jason Sudeikis. You may recall Jason from Horrible Boss and We’re The Millers. Jason shall play Red, a bird with a temper problem.

Jason Sudeikis

Playing speedy and Chuck is the guys who love giving warm hugs, Josh Gad. Josh became famous with another hit animated movie called Frozen in which he loan is voice for Olaf. He will be working together with Danny Mcbride who will play as volatile Bomb.

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Peter Dinklage of The Game of Thrones will voice the legendary Might Eagle. Maya Rudolph shall voice as Matilda, the white pregnant bird.

Peter Dinklage maya rudolph












The upcoming movie marks Rovio’s first foray into feature films, although fans have already been introduced to the Angry Birds world with the weekly Angry Birds Toons animated series. Rovio launched the series last year through its Angry Birds game, as well as on select video-on-demand channel providers, Smart TVs, connected devices, and on select TV networks around the world. Paving the way for a full-length feature film, Angry Birds Toons has been a massive success for Rovio and has surpassed more than three billion views in its first 18 months.