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Guardians of the Galaxy – Review

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is nothing but pure AWESOME!! The non stop super hero action movie features Chris Pratt as the cheeky Star Lord whose curiosity often leads to trouble which in this case leads straight to Ronan the Accuser.

It all starts with Star Lord stealing the Orb which is actually the Infinity Stone. The Infinity Stone is said to have the power destroy worlds and Thanos is seeking for it. To retrieve the orb, Thanos uses the service of Ronan the Accuser. In return, Ronan expect Thanos to assist him to destroy Kree.

Peter Quill tries to sell the Orb and ends up getting captured by the Nova Corps with Gamora – Thanos’s step daughter whose mission was to retrieve the Orb. Also ended up getting captured was Rocket and Groot(I AM GROOT).
Once captured, Gamora’s reputation precedes her as the daughter of The Mad Titan and henchman of Ronan. She quickly captures the attention of Drax the Destroyer. Drax hates anything and everything about Ronan as Ronan killed the Drax’s wife and daughter.
guardians-of-the-galaxy-nebula-01Peter manage to convince Drax not to kill Gamora and the five end’s up working together to escape. Rocket’s intelligent and creativity help them to escape the sophisticated prison in style. After exiting the unusual companion head straight to Taneleer Tivan a.k.a The Collector. Tivan collects everything that moves in the galaxy.
RocketRaccoonOfcourse the deal the goes wrong and Ronan ends up getting what he wanted; The Orb. Ronan absorbs the power of the stone and start apposing  Thanos himself. Ronan full of himself head straight to Kree with the confidence to destroy Kree once and for all.
Peter Quill and the rest of Guardians start working together in order to save the universe. They made a deal with The Ravages and enroute to Kree for the final battle.

Plot: 9.0/10
Imax: Yes

Remarks: Director and writer really surprises us with his latest movie. He plays the movie extremely good while hitting all the right notes. Our kudos to him and hope the same result for his next movie.
The movie is a must not miss summer movie. If you thought Planet of the Apes was good, wait until you watch Guardians of the Galaxy. We would recommend that your watch it with a box of tissue as the movie is heart moving.
Please also note that Zoe Saldana is SEXY as I AM GROOT(hell in this movie). 

Guardians of the Galaxy – “Gamora and Drax”

Check the latest trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy which features Gamora and Drax. No matter what color she is, Zoe still could make any man smile with her clothes off.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Who is who

When Peter Quill, an American pilot stole an orb – he never knew that he would end up teaming with a band of alien misfits to save the galaxy. These alien misfits consists of vengeance-addict warrior Drax the Destroyer,  loud mouth Rocket the raccoon , hot yet deadly assassin Gamora, and kind hearted Groot.
But who are there Guardians of the Galaxy anyway? Well we have all the answers.

Peter Quill


Peter Quill is an interstellar adventurer who was abducted from Earth at a young age. After recovering an ancient artifact, Quill must rally an unlikely team of cosmic misfits to prevent a powerful villain from destroying the galaxy. Calls himself as Starlord.

Drax the Destroyer


If you follow the comic, Drax is actually Arthur Douglas –  a real estate agent who witness his family brutally killed by the mad titan, Thanos. But however in this movie, Drax has a personal vendetta against Ronan, who killed his family. Now fueled by pure rage, Drax will stop at nothing to take his revenge on the most dangerous being in the galaxy.

Rocket the Racoon


Rocket is a bounty hunter and mercenary whose mastery of weapons and battle tactics make him a formidable warrior, despite being a genetically altered, cybernetically enhanced, talking raccoon. Basically he is an animal that has been experimented. The comics would suggest others wise. The comics Rockets came from the planet Halfworld –  a planet which is  half-industrial, half-verdant.

Gamora the Assassins



Gamora was the sole survivor of the alien humanoid race called the Zen Whoberis. Later she was raised by the mad Titan Thanos to become the perfect weapon. As Thanos personal assassin, Gamora has earned a reputation as a formidable warrior. She previously trained under Ronan the Accuser along side Nebula, Thanos other adopted daughter.



Groot is a humanoid plant from Taluhnia. Even with his lack of communication Groot proves to be a valuable ally and a loyal friend—not only to his fellow bounty hunter Rocket but to the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy as well.