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Interstellar – Review

Interstellar will just blow your mind away with scene that not only scares, jaw dropping and heart thumping moments but will leave you wanting to watch more of the Cooper. Cooper is a former Nasa pilot has been constantly concerns about his family due to dust storm that has been affecting the world.  The future where agricultural is the only would feed the world, man kind has lost hope on modernization and has excepted their fate of poor health and maybe extinction.


Christopher Nolan has proven that no matter what bench mark he has made, he would make it higher and higher. Interstellar a future-imaginative movie has the element of Ang Le’s Life of Pi and Alfonso Cuarón’ Gravity which is later sealed in a Nolan’s method and trademark.
Instead of his usual Christian Bale, this time is Interstellar Mattew McConaughey plays Cooper the loving father of two. After signs from what the daughter believes are from ghost the 33 years old father bumps into an undercover Nasa operation on discovering new world outside of our galaxy.
After much discussion and debate, Cooper chose to explore the new world in hope on saving his kids. Together with scientist(Anne Hathaway) their mission was to find another planet for us human to start up. The journey through one galaxy to another were too long that when Cooper returned back to civilization, his age was 127 years old but in a 33 years body.

The relationship between Cooper and his daughter has kept the movie running in our opinion. The will to survive and keeping your promise to your daughter pushes Cooper to continuously avoiding death but however he is constantly reminded that his duty to humankind.


Plot: 8/10
Imax/3D: A must watch movie in Imax for the breathtaking efffect. The Imax of Nolan’s filming is absolutely breath taking. You don’t have need to travel in space as visual is enough to stunt you.

Remark:  Another 2014 movie that can’t be missed. Christopher Nolan has set bars so high that only could out do himself. It’s a league of it’s own and not to be missed.



Transformers: Age of Extinction – Review

Transformers: Age of Extinction, the movie of the summer has been release last week on the 26th June 2014. The movie which features the Dinobots has alot of mixed reviews especially the likes of the Transformers fan. Some love it, some hate it.

After the destruction of Chicago, some people in the government feels that we should be prepared and remove all alien threats. Heard that before?? Yup, the same kind of dialogue from The Avengers. Anyway, the government started destroying all bots that they could their side on. Whether you’re an Autobots or Deception, however in the movie you only see that the Autobots are the one being hunted and killed.
autobots_that_was_killed_and_captured_by_tf4_lockdown-d7ivb7lNow Cade Yeager is a mechanic. He fixed any junk and sell it. On one lucky, day he found a old truck. He brought it home and tries to fix it, guess who decides to transform? Optimus Prime and he was pissed. Optimus was betrayed by the humans and he was shoot badly. Cade offered to help Optimus as he feels it’s his responsible as an inventor. So he helped Optimus and it come with a heavy price.
RustyPrimeCade gets piss off and start going after the people who tried to hurt his family. With the get help of the Autobots they finally found out what were the government doing to all the demise bots. It didn’t set well with Optimus and he decides to DESTROY!
The government retaliate by unleashing Galvatron who is assisted by Lockdown –  a bot bounty hunter. Lockdown had the upper hand as he was working the Government people who is killing all bots. lockdownLockdown captures Optimus and Cade’s daughter. Cade and the rest of the Autobots decides to sneak in Lockdown’s carrier and rescued Optimus. Optimus got freed and they decide to stop Galvatron’s scheme of seeding the entire Earth metal that creates the Transformers. Knowing that they are out numbered, Optimus freed the Knights also known as the Dinobots. After a quick battle with Grimlock, Optimus rode Grimlock and attack at Galvatron’s army. Right when they were winning, Lockdown appears again.

Plot: 7/10
The movie is basically a base for the next Transformers movie. Even thou Bay squeeze everything in it, he made sure everything had reasoning.
Everything was put in together. Understood what Bay was trying to do but kinda sad he didn’t focus on how it’s gonna effect in future. He merely touched the subject and played along. He tried to an Avenger style but didn’t have enough contain.
Imax: YES!!!

Remarks: Any Transformers fan should watch the movie and should enjoy it on IMAX. By the way, Grimlock is freaking HUGE!!!


The legendary monster is reborn and it this time gigantic than it ever was. Unlike the 1998 Godzilla, this time Godzilla will be defending humanity against a 6 legged creature and a bat like monstrous creature.


We have seen the trailers where Bryan Cranston acting crazy as if it’s the Planet of the Apes movie and he wants to fight the apes. The beginning of the movie is totally different than what it was shown in the trailer. Bryan plays Joe Brody an intelligent engineer who was in charge of a nuclear power plants in Japan. Under his supervision, the plant when down and that very day(his birthday) he also lost his wife. Honestly at this point, we were tearing as if we were watching Disney’s Up.

Next the movie focuses on Ford Brody – the son to Joe Brody. Ford(Aaron Taylor – Kick Ass), is a naval lieutenant who specialise in diffusing nuclear weapons.  As Ford flies to Japan to get his dad, he got caught up with what was happening at the Janjira nuclear plant where his father use to work. That is when the MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) appeared and things got messy. Joe died soon after that, but not before sharing the most important info to Ford.

In order to protect his family, he rushed back to San Francisco but that when Godzilla decides to make an appearance. Honestly, Godzilla looks like a monster from Ultraman but the facial expression on Godzilla is so wild. Godzilla didn’t walk on all four legs but seen on walking like a Michelin mascot. The minute it swam in the water, Godzilla looked like an island; a moving island that doesn’t collide with the US Navy.

When the MUTO was heading to San Francisco, another MUTO appears and heads directly to the same direction for a mating festival. Ofcourse, Godzilla was not far behind following them. All the monster’s gathered at Ford’s town to battle and at the same time Ford tries to join the battle as well. But his role were nothing compared to massive fight the MUTO’s and Godzilla had. The battle is not to be missed as Godzilla surprises all with his mutated power.

In the end, Godzilla defeats the MUTO’s but paid a heavy price. The movie is a typical classic in modern day. The soundtrack you will notice it has the element Japanese.





Plot: 5/10
Review: 4.5/10

Godzilla is must watch movie for giant lizard fans but the movie is quite a disappointment in terms of plot. In the beginning the movie had a solid storyline, but when introducing Godzilla – is was a little disappointing as Godzilla only appears after 45 minutes in the movie. However without any doubt director Gareth Edwards has earn our respect.

Now should you watch it in IMAX or just to 2D? We could only advise,you’re better off buying more pop corn’s and hot dogs.