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Entourage – Trailer

Finally our years of planning, the awaited Entourage the movie is out. The trailer of the long awaited movie is finally out. The rumor cast of the movie so far are  Emily Ratajkowski, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mark Wahlberg.

Transformers: Age of Extinction – Review

Transformers: Age of Extinction, the movie of the summer has been release last week on the 26th June 2014. The movie which features the Dinobots has alot of mixed reviews especially the likes of the Transformers fan. Some love it, some hate it.

After the destruction of Chicago, some people in the government feels that we should be prepared and remove all alien threats. Heard that before?? Yup, the same kind of dialogue from The Avengers. Anyway, the government started destroying all bots that they could their side on. Whether you’re an Autobots or Deception, however in the movie you only see that the Autobots are the one being hunted and killed.
autobots_that_was_killed_and_captured_by_tf4_lockdown-d7ivb7lNow Cade Yeager is a mechanic. He fixed any junk and sell it. On one lucky, day he found a old truck. He brought it home and tries to fix it, guess who decides to transform? Optimus Prime and he was pissed. Optimus was betrayed by the humans and he was shoot badly. Cade offered to help Optimus as he feels it’s his responsible as an inventor. So he helped Optimus and it come with a heavy price.
RustyPrimeCade gets piss off and start going after the people who tried to hurt his family. With the get help of the Autobots they finally found out what were the government doing to all the demise bots. It didn’t set well with Optimus and he decides to DESTROY!
The government retaliate by unleashing Galvatron who is assisted by Lockdown –  a bot bounty hunter. Lockdown had the upper hand as he was working the Government people who is killing all bots. lockdownLockdown captures Optimus and Cade’s daughter. Cade and the rest of the Autobots decides to sneak in Lockdown’s carrier and rescued Optimus. Optimus got freed and they decide to stop Galvatron’s scheme of seeding the entire Earth metal that creates the Transformers. Knowing that they are out numbered, Optimus freed the Knights also known as the Dinobots. After a quick battle with Grimlock, Optimus rode Grimlock and attack at Galvatron’s army. Right when they were winning, Lockdown appears again.

Plot: 7/10
The movie is basically a base for the next Transformers movie. Even thou Bay squeeze everything in it, he made sure everything had reasoning.
Everything was put in together. Understood what Bay was trying to do but kinda sad he didn’t focus on how it’s gonna effect in future. He merely touched the subject and played along. He tried to an Avenger style but didn’t have enough contain.
Imax: YES!!!

Remarks: Any Transformers fan should watch the movie and should enjoy it on IMAX. By the way, Grimlock is freaking HUGE!!!

Transformers: Age Of Extinction – Cast updates

2 more months to the première of Transformers: Age of Extinction in Malaysia and so many speculation has come out about the movie storyline and character involved.

Recently during an interview with MTV – Mark Wahlberg and the other cast reveal a little about their character in the crazy and full explotion movie.

Mark Wahlberg – Cade Yeager

The dad who is an inventor and he tries to break down of what he thinks is a Transformers. The part he get from that, he plans to sell it and with the money he could send the daughter to college.


Nicola Peltz – Tessa Yeager

The daughter of Cade Yeager and secretly has a boyfriend in which the dad doesn’t know. 

Jack Reynor – Shane

He is car racer – who drives Blue Chevrolet Sonic(Possibility is Blurr) and the boyfriend of Tessa.


For the AOE latest trailer check out here –>> TV SPOT

We will be updating more the cast and character soon.

Transformers: AOE – TV Spot

Transformers: Age of Extinction  Tv Spot just got release. Check it out.