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The Book Thief – Review

The movie is set ┬áin 1938, Germany when Hitler started killing all Jew’s. When the movie started I thought that I was watching another Harry Potter with death narrating it. Death, voiced by Roger Allam explain how people should react when he approaches.

Slowly the story of young Leisel come to play with she meeting he new step parents – Hans(Geoffrey Rush) and Rose Hubermann(Emily Watsons). Hans act as a cool and loving father while Rose is the evil witch which everybody thought she were.

Young Leisel played by Sophie Nellisse has a beautiful smile quickly made friends with Rudy Steiner her neighbours. It quickly escalated to why Nazi is hunting Jews and later on how the Hans family is put in a situation of life and death. The family been living in fear ever since but not to let that stop them from having some family time.

If you’re expecting a movie magic or a little girl fighting against the Nazi’s, you’re in for a surprise as the movie title has nothing to do with the movie plot. The movie however offers a good reference to how was the life after the German invasion.

Check here for the movie trailer.

The Book Thief – Trailer