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Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer

Apparently, the teaser for Deadpool 2 was released before the screenings of Logan throughout the world (It’s filled with easter eggs and Logan references). I don’t believe we in Malaysia got the chance to watch the teaser during our Logan screenings but hey, maybe there is now. Either way, we got you covered. Here it is below:

Latest Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer + Logan Contest Winners

If the new trailer is anything to go by, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 looks like it’s going to be even better than the 1st Guardians of the Galaxy and that’s a really tough thing to do, given that the 1st Guardians of the Galaxy was close to perfect. Check out the trailer below.

Some of this footage was revealed at Comic-Con, and held back until now. So what we know so far is that our favourite bunch of misfits are joined by Nebula, Yondu, and Mantis, they’ve got to save the galaxy again and finally, Peter meets his dad, Ego (Kurt Russell). Also, I AM GROOT!

On a separate note, congratulations to the winners of the Logan Contest, here’s the winners with their exclusive Logan merchandise.

1st Place: Johanan Punithakumar

1st Place: Johanan Punithakumar

2nd Place: Wong Wai Tsung Victor‎ (On behalf of)

2nd Place: Wong Wai Tsung Victor‎ (On behalf of)

3rd Place: Kanmani Mani

3rd Place: Kanmani Mani

Most Creative Post: Merida CK Eng

Most Creative Post: Merida CK Eng

Consolation Prize: Dilina Kamaruddin‎

Consolation Prize:
Dilina Kamaruddin‎

Consolation Prize: Saatish Thangadorai.

Alien: Covenant Sneak Peek on FX’s Legion

We still have some time before Alien: Covenant comes blasting into theaters on May 19 and reminds us that it’s never a good idea to bring a sick person into a spaceship. (No really, don’t.)

A new sneak peek, above, has revealed a bit more. The preview, a prologue titled “Last Supper” and which came during Wednesday’s episode of the FX series Legion (A show you should watch if you’re an X-Men fan, it’s about Prof X’s son), showed a business-as-usual colonization ship headed for a remote planet where the crew will build a new human settlement. While characters played by James Franco — who we learn is the captain — and Billy Crudup are in awe of their view, Danny McBride has another take: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. It kinda spooks me out — a big old sea of nothing.”

Yeap, definitely looks like nothing to me.

Yeap, definitely looks like nothing to me.

So far, we understand that this installment of Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise takes place somewhere after the events of 2012’s Prometheus and before the Nostromo starts to return to Earth as we saw in 1979’s Alien. Director Ridley Scott promises this film — which also costars Demian Bichir, Jussie Smollett, and Carmen Ejogo — will provide some answers. “Covenant is really going to show you who did it and why.”

Ant Man – Trailer

The first of Marvel trailer is finally out. So in short, it’s about the idea of of a man shrinking to the size of an ant to fight crime. We are still digesting the idea with Micheal Douglas passing the torch to his new successor. Enjoy the trailer for now.

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Trailer #2

The second trailer of the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey is out. Slightly more detail from the previous trailer. This time the trailer is about the relationship of Christian and Anastasia not to mention their intimate relationship.

Penguins of Madagascar – Trailer

When Hero’s become Legend. Benedict Cumberbatch will be voicing as Classified.
No flapping way!!!
The movie will story about how the penguins become who they are today.

50 Shades of Grey – Trailer

After a disappointing 15 second trailer, I guess Mr Grey just decided to release a proper trailer that would turn heads.

Jimi: All Is By My Side – Trailer

4 months back we shared how Andre 3000 gonna look as Jimi Hendrix. A proper trailer of the movie has been release and it looks promising.

First look at Andre3000 as Jimi Hendrix

However we cannot shake the feeling there is still a little of Andre when he play Jimi.

So far not release date for this movie in Malaysia which is a little disappointing. The release of the movie are per below:

Canada 7 September 2013 (Toronto International Film Festival) (premiere)
Sweden 6 November 2013 (Stockholm International Film Festival)
USA 12 March 2014 (South by Southwest Film Festival)
Russia 8 May 2014
USA 15 May 2014 (Seattle International Film Festival)
Italy 6 June 2014 (Biografilm Festival)
USA 12 June 2014 (Los Angeles Film Festival)
New Zealand 26 July 2014 (New Zealand International Film Festival)
UK 8 August 2014
Ireland 8 August 2014
Netherlands 19 March 2015

*The dates are taken from IMDB.

Guardian of the Galaxy – Trailer

Another trailer of Guardian of the Galaxy got release and it has some interesting character which could be related(or not) to Avenger 2. For now let’s just enjoy the trailer.

Lucy – Movie Coming Soon

Lucy, directed by Luc Besson is about a woman finds herself working ask a drug mule – only for the drug she’s carrying inside her turn her into some kind of super human enhancement drug.