The Accountant – Review

Ben Affleck returns with another action flick movie. This time portraying as an accountant. Yes you read it right. An accountant. But don’t fooled the title, The Accountant is about an freelance accountant who does the book for dangerous criminals and he is good at it.

The Gist of It:
Ben Affleck played Christian Wolff a math savante with more affinity for numbers than people. Due to his autism condition, well numbers is something that calms him down. Due to that fact, he is really good at it. He does accounts for some of the baddest people in world. Making sure their money doesn’t go missing. tac-10645
He is good at his job. So good, that people has start asking around about him. Well to keep things safe, he decided to an account for Living Robotics. Assuming that company is clean and shouldn’t leave any obvious trails. First day at work, he meets this young girl who shares the same passion for maths named Dana Cummings. Yup Cummings. Played by the cute Anna Kendriks. 

Just focusing on his work, Chris quickly start doing the accounts and found alot of irregularity. No surprise to him as his does this all the time.
Things quickly takes up different turn the next morning as all his work was wipe clean and the client, Lamar Black(John Lithgow) wants him out don’t want to have anything to do with Chris. This is right after Ed Chilton, the CFO of the company was found dead. Chris, not able to finish the work at task feels frustrated and angry. He tries to calm his nerves by doing what he is trained. Long range shooting. Usually its a regular thing, he goes to one his clients ranch and just shoot. But this time he feels amiss. Someone was hunting him. Taking action into his own hand, he kills the hitmans and found out that they also out killing Ms Cummings. Feeling partially responsible, he set his target to save her.tac-06743

The Review

Directed by Gavin O’Connor, we quickly found out why the movie is so complex and messy. You must understand something, Ben Affleck is also director. Two cooks in one kitchen. That what we can conclude from this movie. While the storyline was good, the direction of the movie very not balanced. The constant wanting the revert to the character past is such a draw back that it keep on miss use of the movie time.
We can see Ben strong character and direction from the movie and at the same time Gavin’s direction aswell. So when the two combine, we can see Ben’s character acting rather Batman and Gavin’s of telling story of brothers.

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