The Conjuring 2 – Review

After the successful first movie, James Wan returns again with another spinal chilling movie. The Conjuring which is based on true event was reinvented by Wan again to bring the incidents to life. Well did he brought the movie to life again like he did the first movie? Lets be honest, the first movie was so scared that you didn’t want to do the laundry again. Could The Conjuring 2 live up to first movie level? Let’s find out.

The Gist of It:

Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren returns back doing what they do best. But this time their case takes them to old London. This took them out of their Amityville incident that was widely publicized and almost destroyed them.
The Warren’s took a sabbatical and traveled straight to Enfield and met with Hodgson’s. Their assignment was only observing and report back to the church.
The attacks begun on Janet and demon seems to leach on to her. She hear voices telling what to do and at night she sleep walks. But the the worst happens when this attack started to go a little wild. It starts attacking the rest of the family. When Mrs Hodgson’s call the police –  it made a mockery out of them. That’s when they knew had to call a professional.

The arrival of the Warren’s did shaken the demon a little but only step up it’s game. It continued it’s attack on the children and made a believer of others.

But what started out as just pure observation turned out to be as personal mission for both of them. This however was an issue for Lorrainne. Few years back, Lorrainne had prophesy and it was about a death. A death that would most certain break Lorrainne. She saw how Ed died and that has been haunting her ever since. So between their personal mission to identify the demon that has surrounded the Hodgson’s and saving Ed, she was in between.


We know what is everyone’s question. Was it better than the first movie? James Wan has definitely challenge himself this time with the case that Lorrainne still keeps her up till this day. This case really brought in alot of attention and to one level even the Warren’s doubted the Hodgson’s but how James Wan crafted it was like a 3 layer chocolate cake. What we liked was how Wan stayed to much to the original event. Trying to
Unlike the first movie, the location of where this took place wasn’t your usually deep in the forest, far from people, or history of murdered people, NO! This happens right in the smack of town where there is neighbours, dogs taking a dump at the front yard and your ex-husband living just block away with his new twin kids. The scare was not made up but rather of what happen, a demon was attacking regular family.
Moving on the script, the camera play was something different. Nothing we expected from Wan. You can thank Don Burgess –  who collaborate in this film. The way the Nun came out of life from the picture – till now still scare us and we hated Don for that.

We can’t say it was better than the first movie just because the second movie is in it’s on league by itself. The concept and direction was different in which we like about it. Wan didn’t stick to regular horror movie stigma and change it accordingly. All we can say it, don’t watch it alone and don’t watch it at night.

P/s: Patients with weak heart are recommend not to watch this movie.


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