The Good Dinosaur – Review


The Gist of It:

So what if the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs missed. Pixar’s 2nd movie this year is rather unusually taking the fact so far they have only produce one each year. The story is about the relationship of dinosaur, Arlo and a boy, Spot.
Arlo a Apatosaurus  wasn’t the capable one in his family. He was always afraid of the world around him.


The basic nature of Arlo was clear from the beginning and his adventure really just ‘jump’ into it.  There wasn’t any progressive outline of what to expect which was this movie was lack of. Unlike Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur didn’t really hit the mark. The heart fill part was a little off unlike UP, or Inside Out which is must to have a box of tissue.
arlo2The Good Dinosaur surrounds at the relationship of Spot and Arlo. Arlo feels that Spot is partly responsible for Arlo’s father death. But his anger is quickly set aside, thanks to the caring of Spot. Spot a young human, is more like a dog. He howl, walks on his hand and leg, and swims like a dog.
Arlo after been washed away from his home, vow to get back home. Ofcourse with his fear always at him, slows his progress. But with Spot by his side, he moves forward – with some set back.


It’s a good movie but not Pixar’s best. The message is well receive however the method of delivery maybe could use a little adjustment. Really entertainment movie but at certain part to draggy and repetitive which we find it boring.

Favourite Line: “If you ain’t scared, you ain’t alive.”

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