The Intern – Review


The Gist of It:
Anne Hathaway’s and Robert De Niro’s new movie surely has some good ingredient mixed up. The Intern is about a old man who feels useless with current life style and decide to get on wagon and get a job as an intern. The unconventional method of a company hiring a 70 years intern is done by Jules Ostin’s company;  an online store that is founded and wholly run by Jules.
The movie is directed Nancy Meyers, a genius when it comes to modernization of the story and engaging with the audiences. The attention to details to Robert’s character; Ben Whitaker is something of Nancy Meyers signature work. While Robert’s character is in spotlight, Anne’s was seemed to be someone we know. Her character is a workaholic and scrupulous to her products reminded us of her character in ‘The Devils Wear Prada’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’ combined.
So Ben is a 70 years old widower who is now an intern at Jules company. Even being 70 years old, he respect to his job is something rare these days. Everyday he wakes up sharp at 6 a.m and always wear a suit to work no matter what the job requirement was. His determination and discipline is something to be admired and well portrait by De Niro. Robert De Niro has been known to play serious character and always involves with guns or police or violence, but in this movie there is cops but he didn’t have to go all macho and save the world. He was still a 70 years old man, wears a suit every time and always respected his superior. Remember, old is gold.

As the company grows so is Jules responsibility but however due to her attention to detail skill; she ain’t sharing any of the responsibility with anyone and takes on the world by herself. Ofcourse something will fall down by the cracks as time is not her best friend. As she calmly tries to fight the battle quietly but inside she is screaming and that’s when Ben’s years of life experience came in handy.
We see the Robert as a father figure in a corporate world despite his position in the company. The Intern expresses the way that modern people communicate and how empowering women are when given a correct opportunity.




A realist movie about our current social life. The old gets left behind while the young is too busy  making life on Facebook and not interacting with each other. Not a your one sided movie where the hero is always right but rather the realization of logic that life is easier if it’s shared and understood.
Not to be missed for those Nancy Meyers fans.

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