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The Gist of It:
A movie about the discovery of the red planet and how Mark Watney survived alone up there. Full with state of the art effects, the movie is nothing like Interstellar in terms of plot but it doesn’t mean the movie is bad. Some of your friends would say this movie is related to Interstellar, we can assure you it’s not.

Mark Watney played by Matt Damon, is a mechanical engineer who was left stranded on Mars during a manned mission. Of course he been left behind wasn’t actual the entire plan.
As they was wrapping up their mission due to an unscheduled storm, Mark was left behind and due to the situation the crew – played by Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara,Michael Peña and Sebastian Stan believed that Mark has been the person to die in Mars. This news was also transferred to Nasa Director, Teddy Sanders and he announced to do world how the life of a hero of Mars was taken away.
Coming out of the sand, Mark was a injure but nothing life threatening. He decides to survive his ill fated situation by using his out the world botanic skills and make contact.
The direction and screenplay is something we are astound as it’s as written by Andy Weir. Matt Damon ofcourse played the part beautifully with humor and emoticons. The Martian could be the space version of Tom Hank’s Castaway. As Mark constantly talking to himself and observing his surroundings.1
By the way, this movie gets even better with a fan made map of highway that Mark Watney walked. Check it out here:


If you love Cast Away and Interstellar, The Martian should a must watch movie for you and one of the best movie so far this year. With its magical effects and out this world attention to detail, it’s a movie not to be missed.

Favourite Line: “Screw you Mars”


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