The Revenant – Review

The Revenant, one of 2015’s most anticipated and most critically  acclaimed has finally landed at Malaysia’s cinema. DiCaprio definitely outdid himself for his role as Hugh Glass, the man who was mauled by a bear and left for dead by his fellow men. Despite all odds, he survived the brutal experience but for one solid reason. But this Leo’s performance is not the only reason why this movie is such a hit. Upon sitting the 5 minute of the movie – you will learn why.


The Gist of It:

Hugh Glass, works for a fur trading company. While hunting in the uncharted wilderness, Hugh company were attack by Indians. With only few of them escaping with their life, it’s up to Hugh to navigate the group to safety. In this group, were also his son – whom he would give his life for.the-revenant-fn01

Under Hugh, the group manage to escape. They take refuge near by and left the boat swimming down the stream to confuse the Indians; it’s worked. However, things escalated to a critical situation as Hugh was mauled by a bear. The bear as natural intended had sighted Hugh as a threat to her cubs. But Hugh did not give in that easy. He stab the bear and killed it but the damage was already been done. He was in a bad condition. The element realistic brought by director Alejandro González Iñárritu is absolutely mind blowing. For every slash Hugh receive, we could feel it and some was screaming in agony on Leo’s behalf. 

Hugh’s group manage to find him thanks to those gun shots. But however his condition with slit throat worries some of the men particularly John Fitzgerald played by the hunky Tom Hardy. Now in John’s mind is that if they could have heard the gun shots by Hugh, the Indians would have heard the same and it’s not the best idea to sit there waiting for Hugh to recover while a group of Indians running towards you. His opinion however were not entirely agreed by Captain Henry Andrew, the leader of the group. The Captain felt a little grateful for what Hugh has done so far and not ready to let go of him to die.the-revenant

The group proceed to head to their base camp through the wilderness carrying those fur and Hugh aswell. Again John showed a little disapproved of the Captain’s decision and the he finally got through the Captain’s when they got stuck climbing a slop.
Captain Henry Andrew still felt that they shouldn’t leave Hugh behind but situation calls a drastic decision. The good Captain offers to anyone to take care of Hugh until he is well or other wise. Hugh’s son was first to join the cause along with Bridger(Will Poulter).  So the Captain offered more money to anyone who could take care of Hugh and that’s when John offered himself. Now Bridger, John and Hugh’s son – Hawk were to take care of Hugh. John however didn’t hide his intention with Hugh and told if he died it would be best for all and especially Hawk. As John proceed to kill Hugh, Hawk saw this and defended his father but he died in the process and all this were witness by Hugh.
Next John proceed to lie to Bridger to abandon Hugh in a grave to escape with their life saying that the Indians were already near to the camp. Hugh was left there in 2 feet depth grave to die. Well, with the freezing weather and wounds he receive from the bear but the he is still holding on to his life. The image of his son dying still runs his mind and he is not gonna let the killer of his son roam free. First he got out of that grave, dragging his body to the nearest stream and eating to what ever his mouth could chew and tries to stay alive.

At some point The Revenant reminds us of Paul Thomas’s There Will Be Blood but with a mix of Quentin Tarantino blood flow and savage kills. The best part would be the bear attack scene where it’s so barbaric and real. The bear were chewing Leo’s back for crying out loud and it was gruesome. Survival in the wild takes into another level with sleeping inside a horse’s stomach and eating raw meat. This all were supported well by good daunting music to give that realistic feeling. Leo’s and Tom’s acting was top notch with Tom having a little slang like Bane.
Yes, we feel this movie will grab an Oscar for Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role and Actor in a Supporting Role.

Favourite Line: “As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe… keep breathing.”

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