The Salesman – Review

Death of a Salesman, is the winner of 1949 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award for Best Play. The Salesman, isn’t about that award winning story but instead the life of the actor and actress who is playing in a theater production of Death of a Salesman.

The movie circulates around Emad and Rana who is a married couple. Emad plays Willy Loman and Rana plays Linda. While everything is going well for the both in the beginning, one night after moving to their new apartment – Rana was attacked and raped.
This is where Asghar Farhadi dares to leap to another level of filming in Iran. Asghar was able to beautifully paint the lives and the taboo of this social problem without missing the key element of it. He opens the world eyes on what is happening there and how it affects the people there. The characters of Emad and Rana perfectly portrait the atmoshepre of a such situation and didn’t flinch.
The characters Emad who is determine is find out what happened to his wife, the wife in the other hand wasn’t in the same page. She was traumatise and believes that finding out who did that to her will just hurt her more.
The plot and story direction was incredible in which director and writer Asghar Farhadi should be given a pat on the back.
The Salesman has won the 2017 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and will be screening exclusively in 4 GSC locations, ie GSC Mid Valley, GSC Pavilion KL, GSC 1 Utama & GSC Gurney Plaza Penang.

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