The Transporter Refueled – Review

Frank Martin returns as a “Transporter”, delivering unknown items to unknown customers. The new transporter is Ed Skrein, who is famously known for his acting in Game of Thrones as Daario Naharis. Previously Frank Martin was played by the seriousJason Statham, Ed Skrein has a huge shoe to fill.


Synopsis (Warning: May contain spoilers, duh!) 

The Gist of It: A band of bandits decides to hire Frank Martin(Ed Skrein) for his skills in driving and getting his goods delivered to where ever they wish. The serious Frank Martin of course accepts the request and impress the banditos. The bandits decides to use Frank’s services but this time didn’t ask the proper way instead, they took his father.


Frank Martin a former special-ops mercenary, is now just a driver. But not your normal type of driver, he drives high profile items for those who wants it to delivered without any questions
Everything just turn around for this good looking hunk when Frank’s father (Ray Stevenson) decides to drop by in in the south of France. What was suppose to be father and son bonding session been absurdly cancelled thanks to a hot but deadly chicks. They want him to be the driver for their crazy robbery and they just know how to make Frank say yes.

Using his signature Audi, he cut through traffics like better and scramble the Russian’s who is chasing him. However the Russians are not that easily tamed and Frank have to work slightly harder.
CR- Review

The Transporter franchise without Jason Statham, so how was it? To be honest, nothing has changed. Unfortunately the director (Camille Delamarre) still unable to lift The Transporter brand to a new height beside having a new lead actor. Ed Skrein is a solid guy but still unable to carry the title up.


It’s just another installment with just a new face and new car.

Rating: 3.0/10
Favourite Line: – None –


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