Thor Ragnarok – Review

Another Marvel movie done better. Thor: Ragnarok is something unexpected from the same character who was so serious in it last movie. One word to describe this movie is daring.
Taika Waititi, the man behind Thor: Ragnarok has found the formula of movie making and he used it well. Unlike the previous Thor movies, the character was mostly restricted by his Asgardian background. Taika, releases that part of him and Thor look even better and more entertaining. 
While it does feel like you’re watching a different version of the Guardian of the Galaxy, Taika comedic sense were more original and Chris Hemsworth was more relaxed. Taika was clever to keep the audience on screen while explaining the complicity of the movie without confusing. Which was a genius move. Taika explain beautifully the God of Death relationship with Thor and Loki while moving to another scene. God of Death played by Cate Blanchett was not only deadly but may we add sensual as hell. However don’t take that as full compliment to character. Well Hella has a good background but it does seems off at certain part.  For some reason our editor can’t stop looking at her. Loki played by the ever handsome Tom Hiddleston was more mischievous and it looked like Loki absolutely was having fun. Like how the title of the God of Mischief suppose to be. He was cunning, liar and continuously thinking of how his own survival.

Another character which we were excited was the talking Hulk. Yes Hulk can talk even thou most of his words is like Yoda(wait, is that Yoda beefed up). Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo was really most of the time smashing on something. But the fact he is in another planet could lead to another part Marvel expansion in which we won’t touch for now.

After all the movie aced it and even better was nicely constructed. By far, Thor Ragnarok is best among all Avengers movie and could be better than Guardian of the Galaxy. After the best character of them all is without a doubt is Korg played by non other, Taika himself. The Kiwi accent and jokes make you love him even more.

Do catch the post credit scenes after the movie. In total there is 2.


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