Tokyo Ghoul – Review

From Manga to anime and now to the silver screen, Tokyo Ghoul has established their fanbase for this few years and many people loves it. The struggle the gore and the grotesque scene that makes their fan throw up. Since I’ve been watching Tokyo Ghoul anime for some time needles to say, this is an average adaptation for one of the most best selling manga in Japan. Easy to follow but suffers like many adaptations with the too much to explain with too little time syndrome. The pacing also had its ups and downs but mostly because of the intensity of some of its key scenes that make the quieter moments quieter.

Both Kubota and Shimizu play their parts well and, though I can already hear the overacting complaints from others despite Kubota really making a perfect Kaneki with the switches between calm and paranoia.

Overall is an average watchable live action and I’m hoping there will be a sequel for this movie, and a big shout out to Tgv Cinema for gives us a chance to make this premier night happen.


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