How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Review

Your favourite Viking dragon lover is back and this time with more dragons and more action. Hiccup, a  teenage Viking who defied the tribes tradition is now a hero and an important person whom his father, Stoick the leader the tribe is looking at passing the village to him so he could retire. How ever Hiccup is not interested in that but prefers to explore the uncharted sea and mountains for new dragon.

The first 5 minute of the movie is as the trailer above. Berk is now a sanctuary for dragons. Everyone has one and even the village has some new built in to suit their flying friend.
The movie after that start to focus on Hiccup and Toothless flying and exploring new area. However everything escalated drastically where a place is attacked and Hiccup and Astrid – the warrior princes decides to check it out. The ship, captain by Eret son of Eret is attacked by an ice breathing dragon and ofcourse they thought Hiccup or some else from the village did it. The ship is dragon hunting ship, hunting dragon for Drago.
Hiccup quickly when to panic mode and runs home telling to his father all his NEW discovery. The father played well by panicking together and decides to marshal law the entire island immediately but not before Hiccup and Astrid could escape. Hiccup and Astrid when straight to Eret son of Eret to be captured and hoping to see Drago and talking some sense into him. However that idea did not really work as the father decide to rescue his son. Hiccup frustrated, run away to god knows where before being capture by another dragon rider who happens to be his dead mother. His mother explains her fake/disappearance and even introduce Hiccup to other dragons. While this is happening, the father sneaks in to safe Hiccup only to be reunited with his wife. At this time, to be honest it was romantic.
This only half of the movie, but we were already confuse and disappointed. The direction of the movie was very much force rather than properly planned.

Plot: 4/10
Imax: No

Remarks: If the movie had better timeline, it would have been better. From the looks of it, we may be expecting a third movie and hope is not as disappointing this movie. ­čÖü
It’s a funny movie but poorly directed.

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