Transformers: The Last Knight – Review

Optimus Prime and Michael Bay returns for the fifth installment of Transformers. A good 10 years. What can we expect for this movie? Since it’s a Michael Bay movie, well you can expect alot of explosive and unrelated stuff.

The movie starts off in medieval time – to be exact during the time of King Arthur and his knight fighting off foreign enemies. They also intro Merlin who is played by Stanley Tucci. You might remember him from the previous Transformers movie playing a millionaire scientist by name of Joshua Joyce who created a human-made remote-controlled Transformers. But why 2 characters played one person? Well that we will answer it another day.
Merlin made a deal with one of the Transformers Knights which crash landed on earth many years ago and requested their help to battle the foreign enemies. The Knight then handed Merlin a staff and told him that someone will come for it soon. So the staff is everything; it’s the main plot. The staff which suppose to be power of the Quintessons who basically created Optimus Prime.

There were some seriously and funny moment in introduction it was solid; acceptable. But then came the second part where it is the present time and that’s when everything start to crumble. Cade Yaeger played by Mark Wahlberg came to the picture and he was all over the place. He was saving kids, repairing bots, being a gangster to kids – all in one go. Honestly is like watching Pain & Gain without the muscles. The movie later focused on how he never gave up on Optimus and how he is on their side.

The best part of the movie, would probably be the introduction of Megatron. The new Megatron now wears a cape 🙂 and carries a crazy large sword. He is mean and as bad as he comes. However we are wondering to his Galvatron body?

All in all, the movie was all over the place. First it was in Chicago, then a junkyard where the Indian’s are staying, next is British, then there is a car chase where every car could catch up with Lamborghini, then inside a submarine, then a space ship,it was all over the place with no proper exploration.
The introduction of the new characters were great but because there was lack of depth of the characters well it was all washed off. Such a waste. Everything defy logic and why was Anthony Hopkins is even there? He is suppose to be the keeper of a certain cult like The Da Vinci Code but he was acting like sociopath in Red 2.
We have to give Michael Bay for trying to salvage the movie by following the original character like the Quintessons, Hot Rod, and Unicron but the everything is so compressed that it became disconnect. We don’t know what we are watching anymore but we are still watching it because it’s Transformers.

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