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Another comedy movie starring the funny Ed Helms in a what suppose to be a classic about a family travelling to Walley World theme park. There is huge shoe to fill for Ed Helms’s Vacation and will they be able to do it better? Well let’s find out.

Synopsis (Warning: May contain spoilers, duh!) 687883034_4431453791001_vacation-trailer

The Gist of It: Rusty Griswold(Ed Helms) is a normal man who goes to work and comes back to his almost perfect family. His wife(Christina Applegate), a full time house wife has been always contented with her life and just settle in with what her husband could provide but deep down wishes for that extra to life. Rusty and Debbie has been blessed two sons James(Skyler Gisondo); an overly sensitive young boy who gets bullied by his younger brother and Kevin(Steele Stebbins); just an a**hole brother. Rusty decides that the family needs to go on a vacation to reconnect back and decides to bring them to his childhood family vacation spot, Walley World. The journey which started first seemed to be an awesome idea just took a sudden U-turn in midway.


A well planned vacation with a single purpose to reconnect with his family, Rusty had high hopes for this journey to Walley World. First they rented a weird car so that they could spend more time together; a car that has 2 petrol tank and also a EV connector. Not to mentioned that the car has front and back side mirrors. Secondly, Rusty mapped out their routed so that his family will get to re-lived in last journey with his dad.
It started good and their first pit stop was Debbie’s university where she was once called ‘ Debbie Do Anything’. Rusty soon realize he don’t really know his wife as he thought and Debbie also realize that she wasn’t that young.
James, Rusty elder son wasn’t hitting that well with the opposite sex and his father, wasn’t really proper wing man. Next they headed to Rusty’s sister place and along the way they faced some locals that end up robbing them and spraying some ‘creative’ artwork on their car. Meeting Rusty’s sister and his hunky husband wasn’t a pleasure for Rusty. While the wife constantly lingers around Rusty’s husband and his lucky wife, Rusty keep on having high hope that his family will see what he is trying to do.
Rusty and his wife spice up their sex life but that took an unexpected turn when they got caught by 4 different state police.  While the parents are suffering, James his courage and stood up to his bullying younger brother thanks to persuasion of Adena.
Rusty didn’t gave up trying to reconnect his family and took water rafting and even that didn’t work thanks to Chad’s suicide attempt.
The pressure has slowly caught up and finally lost his cool and just left his family in the middle of the dessert. Thinking of the worst, the family slowly realize how they need each other and love each other.

CR- Review

Another reboot movie and this time it’s a funny movie. Honestly if you have seen the original Vacation, you will understand why we are not that hype about it. The original movie was more spontaneous while the Ed Helms version is more scripted. Ed Helms his is funny but the other cast, in our opinion is just holding on to his funny charmed. Christina Applegate had a good funny start with her own ‘Debbie Do Anything’ but it slowly just got drowned. The kids in our opinion is sidekicks and which don’t contribute much in this movie.
Chris Hemsworth did bring out some originality to his character and Leslie Mann we feel still has it after all this year. If Christina Applegate would have swap with Leslie Mann, the movie could have shoot through the roof. That’s just our opinion.
It’s a good movie but not as close to what the original Vacation had to offer.


This is the kind of movie you would bring your 10 years married husband/wife and come out and tell them that your lives is still way better.

Rating: 5.5/10
Favourite Line: – None –

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