War For The Planet of The Apes – Review

Finally the end of the Planet of The Apes saga which was rebooted 6 years back. War For The Planet of The Apes concludes the rise of the apes and now a war to end it all and Matt Reeves certainly end it gracefully.

What could be the unique part of this version of The Planet of Apes of how consistent the main character is. The build up from the previous movie did not fade off and it’s development is simply wonderful. Caesar, played by Andy Serkis – was the ultimate leader that would ┬áput to shame some of our current leaders.
Continuing 2 years after the Dawn, Caesar tries to find way avoid unnecessary clashes with humans. However humans are not only their problem as other apes who was previously loyal to Koba has decided to go against Caesar. Making it worst they have join a Colonel who leads an army called the Alpha-Omega.

The returning director really played this out well making sure the focus was on the war but buttering the effect of it was the previous installment. Moving it out of the previous installment didn’t had any loose ends and the new chapter has a better start.
The locations were like scenes from Walking Dead and it compliment the entire scenes through out the movie. How civilization is destroyed and post apocalyptic of it. But the biggest twist of the movie isn’t because the apes has taken over the world but rather what is happening to the humans.

From the beginning of it, every part had a proper progress and how the director ends the movie, was something that you could never take off your mind. This movie is all about characteristic of human and animal. How its related are we to each other when it comes to that crossroad. Matt manage to show clearly that we are no different from each other but sometimes it’s important to control the animal side at all time. This movie should be in your “Must watch movie before you die” movie list.

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