What’s with Tyrese?

For the past several day, Tyrese Gibson – the guy from Fast and Furious has been posting some disturbing Instagram post. Mostly is about his battle custody over his daughter and how his ex-wife is not allowing him to see his daughter Shayla Somer Gibson. His meltdown is not something pretty to watch and it get’s worst when he took a shot at the 2nd richest actor in 2017 – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

He goes on blaming on The Rock for delaying ‘Fast 9’. Tyrese was open about his financial status and we are quoting, ” I’m not crazy, I’m broke!”
It seems the custody is taking a toll on his bank account and he directed his anger towards The Rock for accepting a Hobb movie spinoff.
Just when we thought it couldn’t be any worst, 50 Cents took a shot at Tyrese after reports that Will and Jada Smith did not barrow $5Million dollars. Tyrese was open about receiving it and goes on saying that his is waiting for the Smith’s to wire him the funds for his legal fees. However some sources are saying that no funds were given and they are actually more concerns on his mental health.

50 cents found this entire drama to be funny and decided to up the heat by posting some pictures of Tyrese and Will in which the Bad Boys actor looking so much confused. Adding to heat, is a caption that reads,  “Wait so 😆this fool just made some shit up. LOL Will like I ain’t give him that 😂.”


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