Who is the Ant-Man celebrity ambassador for Malaysia?

Perhaps its just about time we need a something to divert the attention of the attention. Walt Disney Studio has appointed the hunky Aaron Aziz as the Ant-Man celebrity ambassador for Malaysia. According to the press release, Aaron Aziz embodies the charisma and positive attributes of Scott Lang.

DSC00011According to Amit Malhotra, GM of Studio Entertainment:
“We are constantly looking for creative ways to connect and engage with our fans. With Aaron Aziz as Celebrity Ambassador and the social media campaign for Marvel’s Ant-Man, we hope Malaysian fans will feel excited and inspired by the movie’s thrilling yet heartwarming plot and charismatic super hero.”

A move that would be seem good seemingly good to encourage the local movie goers to support Marvel’s movie as DC Comic is still filming their movie with non to release this year.

Scott Lang a.k.a played by Paul Rudd is to be release in Malaysia on the 16th of July 2015.

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