Who will direct Justice League?

While some are excited for Spider-Man 2 which will be release in few days time, Warner Brothers has drop the bomb on the DC Comic franchise.
It started with Man of Steel with Henry Cavill playing the legendary icon. Later the news of Ben Affleck taking the role of the dark crusader which raised up alot of doubts on his ability to wear the cape. Christian Bale has put the bar high for Ben to follow up but speculation has going around saying that might not be an issue.
The second Warner Brothers is “Batman vs. Superman” which is directed by Zack Snyder. Last year, Zack also directed Man of Steel – in which we now presume the continuation would be “Batman vs. Superman”.

superman-batman-1Now that the DC Avenger has been confirm and guess who they decide to direct it – Zack Snyder! Justice League would be focus on Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman. Gal Gadot will be playing the feisty Amazon woman.

Gal-Gadot-Wonder-Woman-Workout-One thing for sure, Justice League is gonna have a hard time kicking Avenger *ss.

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