Wiro Sableng Pendekar Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212 Review

Don’t expect too much to introduce the character of Wiro Sableng’s stories to the international world, many Indonesian teenagers alone do not fully understand the characters displayed in this Wiro Sableng film. The uniqueness of Wiro Sableng’s combat skills and Wiro’s inner sanctum identity search should be explored in depth.

Wiro Sableng movie Director is supposed to learn from the movie director “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” movie which was able to make the lay audience understand the deep character and the complicated storyline without having to read the book’s own story. Another example is the SWORDSMAN film in the 1990s played by Jet Li. Although ordinary audiences never read the original novel, the audience understood the names of the characters and the greatness of the characters through the Swordsman story.

This movie is trying too hard to be a Hollywood-like movie. The scoring is quite good, but it’s annoyingly exaggerating. Most of the times I need to read the English subtitles instead of listening to the dialogue because of the loud score.

Most of the jokes are cringe worthy. The plot is paper thin. Too many characters that basically non existence due to the poor writing. You could have replaced one character to another. Who is that? Who is this? You won’t care when one of the character dies (this is not spoiler because you won’t care anyway). The actions are dull and the philosophy of number 2-1-2 felt too empty. The only good thing is the location. But it’s not enough to redeem this movie.

Overall, the kingdom set is really nice and detail, love rara murni’s and anggini’s cast. Totally fantastic eyecandy. Not bad for an international movie, but I believe this movie can be better by realizing the imagination of the best silat hero in Indonesia. Really love Wiro Sableng, but probably not in this movie.

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